Risks related to Foreign Object Damage (F.O.D)

Aviation Techniques


- Provide participants with a basic knowledge of F.O.D. (Foreign Object Damage)

- Identify and manage the different F.O.D. sources.

- Implement appropriate means to fight against F.O.D. (Foreign Object Damage)


Personnel who exercise their duties in proximity to aircraft (ramp, maintenance, safety) or within maintenance and production workshops.

Personnel and managers in charge of the quality system.


- FOD identification exercices
- Study of accident and incident reports on the subject
- Documentation provided to the participants
- For E-learning/Blended, consult our corporate training policy.
Le risque Foreign Object Damage (F.O.D)


F.O.D. – Definitions and historical background

Study of the different sources of F.O.D
(Airports, Maintenance and Production Organizations).

Concorde accident

Rules of the Art

Analysis of the different critical areas of aircraft, engines and equipment:

- Landing gears

- Engines

- Flight controls

- Probes

- Cockpit / fuselage etc...

Means implemented to eliminate F.O.D. in airports, Maintenance and Production Organizations:

- Protected areas

- Materials, equipment and tools

- Checks and neutral stations

- Plans and processes

- Awareness

Knowledge assessment

Complies with EASA UE 1321/2014, EN 9100 V2016 and UE 139/2014 ADR requirements, latest issues.

On request, this programme can be made relevant with the specificities of your company.


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