Safety rules in maintenance workshops

Aviation Techniques


- Be able to:

- identify essential issues in terms of flight safety and personnel safety during maintenance operations conducted on aircraft.

- Remain aware of the fundamental principles related to the safety of personnel and property during maintenance operations.

- Promote a positive attitude concerning all steps taken to improve safety, and discourage all contrary practices.


Technical or management personnel from production or maintenance organizations.

Individuals who wish to work for an airline, a ground support company or a maintenance organization.

This training is particularly adapted to newly recruited staff who need to complement their integration process within a company.


- Practical exercises focusing on the acquisition of basic behaviours and best practices

- Working at a heigh on aircrafts

- Visit of aircraft on ground for maintenance purposes (on site)

- Documentation provided to the participants

- For E-learning/Blended, consult our corporate training policy.


- Presentation of the work regulations applicable in France and in Europe

- INRS recommendations

- Presentation of an aircraft, its systems and the associated safety rules

- Traffic plans and traffic rules applicable in aerodromes and maintenance workshops

- Notions of Security applicable in aerodromes and companies

- Working at a heigh, explanations and practical exercices

- Working rules related to Fuel Tank Safety

- Safety working rules related to hydraulic systems

- Safety working rules related to electrical systems (EWIS)

- Safety working rules related to air conditioning and oxygen systems

- Safety working rules to comply with in the vicinity of radar, laser or radio test operations

- Fire-fighting rules

- Safety rules related to the use of lifting and handling equipment

- Safety rules to comply with during jacking operations, and influence on aircraft weight and balance

- Case-studies focusing on the causes of incidents and accidents

- Personal and collective protection equipment

- Responsibilities of all involved parties

- Consequences of damage: flight safety and financial costs

- Visit of a parking area and a maintenance workshop (associated recommendations)

- Knowledge assessment


versions: français blended

Duration Face to Face: 14 h    Rate VAT Excl.: 780 €
Duration Blended: 14 h       Rate VAT Excl.: 540 €