How Do Airplaness fly

How do airplanes fly ? Theory and techniques

Aviation techniques


- Identify the functions of the different systems of an airplane, and understand how they operate. Develop a sense of technical curiosity to make participants understand and integrate the regulatory safety requirements associated to aviation.

- Allow participants to define their position within the “chain” of air transport, to reinforce their motivation in the conduct of their duties and assigned tasks.


Commercial and technical managers, engineers, mechanics and administration employees.

Individuals who wish to be provided with both a technical vocabulary and a general overview of the operational mode of airplanes, for a professional guidance towards airport, production, operation or maintenance trades.

This training is specifically adapted to all employees who need to complement their integration process within a company.


- Simulator sessions (ATR, Boeing 737 and Airbus 320): on site

- Visit of airplanes included in a maintenance or production process: on site

- Documentation provided to the participants

- For E-learning/Blended, consult our corporate training policy


- General description of an airplane

- Detailed description of a Toulouse/Paris flight on board an Airbus A320

- Regulatory requirements applicable in flight

- Production and maintenance processes

- Principles of flight aerodynamics and mechanics

- Airframe (fuselage, wings, stabilizers, rudder and elevators) - Flight controls (ATA 27, 55, 57)

- Fuel system (ATA 28)

- Hydraulic system (ATA 29)

- Electrical system (ATA 24)

- Cabin equipment and fire protection system (ATA 25, 26)

- Landing gears (ATA 32)

- Pneumatic and oxygen systems (ATA 21, 35)

- Turbine, piston and prop engines

- Flight instruments (ATA 22, 23, 34, 31)

- Practical exercises on flight and maintenance simulators: on site

- Knowledge assessment


version: français blended

Duration Face to Face: 21 h    Rate VAT Excl.: 980 €
Duration Blended: 21 h       Rate VAT Excl.: 780 €