Safety over Parking areas / Marshalling

Safety over Parking areas / Marshalling

Airport Safety


Be able to:

- Know and apply the regulatory requirements in terms of aviation and flight safety.

- Remain aware of the fundamental principles related to the safety of personnel and property within airports.

- Promote a positive attitude towards all steps taken to improve safety, and discourage all contrary practices.


Personnel who wish to work for an airline, a ground handling company, an airport or a maintenance organization.

Personnel with duties directly related to aircraft (groundhandling, ground service, line maintenance...)

Airline or airport management personnel.


- Study cases based on real-life work experiences

- Documentation provided to the participants

- Practical exercises on parking areas

- For E-learning/Blended, consult our training policy.

Securité Côté Piste /Marshalling


- Flight safety

- General safety rules applicable over parking areas

- Traffic rules

- Marshalling: Safety rules to comply with upon aircraft arrival

- Refuelling operations

- Cargo loading

- Pre- and Post-flight walkaround checks

- Service equipment

- Practical study of conventional gestures upon aircraft arrival and departure

- Knowledge assessment

- Skills assessment

Compliant with the CQP (French professional qualification certificate) of FNAM (National Federation of commercial aviation) UE 139/2014 ADR latest issue.


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