Facteurs Humains & Sensibilisation SGS

Safety Management System Expert Manager

Safety Management System


Understand the principles ruling the prevention of accidents in civil aviation.
Get familiar with the tools available to: assess the risks of accidents, deal with events through hazard detection, conduct investigations, report to relevant committees, compile final reports, track and assess all actions undertaken.
Understand the need to promote the SMS, get the commitment of the whole personnel and allow for its optimum efficiency within one’s company.


Safety nominated Managers within AIR OPS, ATO, Part M/G or Part 145 approved organizations. Personnel nominated as Human Factors/Flight Safety & SMS auditors/investigators within an organization or airport.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of « SMS Manager » training


- All exercises are carried out individually, discussed in pairs and concluded on a groupwork basis. Topics are provided either by the instructor or the trainees.

- EBT (Evidence Based Training) scenarios.
Responsable Securité Expert Système de gestion de la Sécurité


Practical considerations:
- Regulatory framework of the SMS
- Objectives and prevention of accidents
- Practical operational conditions
- How to get the commitment of the whole personnel within a company

Practical conduct of an investigation:
- Information related to an event, and hazard detection
- Collection of useful and relevant information, and interviews with the different actors involved
- Analysis (use of such tools as ADC, SHELL, MEDA, REASON model, etc.)
- Proposed actions
- Issuance of a work document intended for the SMS Committee
- Issuance of a final report including all approved action
- Tracking of the implemented actions
- Management and use of related database records
- Experience feedback towards all technicians
- Conditions and principles ruling data exchanges outside the company
- Recurrent assessment of the SMS implementation

Knowledge assessment

Compliant with ICAO Annex 19, DGAC Safety Management System implementation guidelines, and OSAC fascicles P 50.10 & 50.11, latest issues.


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