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Safety Management System Manager

Safety Management System


- Be able to:
    - Implement an efficient corporate SMS approach
    - Manage organizational risks on a corporate basis
    - Have an efficient “reporting” system
    - Use an efficient corporate communication on the subject

- Get familiar with the concepts of safety and risk management.


Safety nominated Managers within AIR OPS, ATO, Part M/G or Part 145 approved organizations and airports.


- Case-studies including open-ended questions

- Documentation provided to the participants

- EBT (Evidence Based Training) scenarios

- For E-learning/Blended, consult our corporate training policy


Safety fundamentals

The 4 cornerstones of ICAO, and ICAO/EASA/DGAC requirements

Core of the SMS:

- Identification of hazards and unexpected events, and their criticality
- Detection and tracking criteria for safety-related events
- Collection and Reporting tools for safety-related information
- Definition and implementation of actions

The sharing of responsibility with the SMS

SMS implementation step by step:

- Step 1: Planning
- Step 2: Management board commitment
- Step 3: Layout
- Step 4: Identification of hazards
- Step 5: Risk management
- Step 6: Capacity to conduct investigations and audits
- Step 7: Capacity to conduct safety analyses
- Step 8: Promoting safety
- Step 9: Documentation on the management of Safety and Information
- Step 10: Supervising safety and monitoring performance

Solutions available to implement an efficient SMS approach

Knowledge assessment

Compliant with ICAO Annex 19, DGAC Safety Management System implementation guidelines, and OSAC fascicles P 50.10 & 50.11, latest issues.


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Initial training:
Duration Blended: 21h   Rate VAT Excl.: 1140 €

Recurrent training:
Duration Face to Face: 7 h   Rate VAT Excl.: 440 €