Aviation regulation

Aviation Regulation EASA PART 66 and 147

European Maintenance Regulation


- Get familiar with PART(s) 66 & 147 key-topics and their latest amendments:

- Understand PART(s) 66 & 147 detailed requirements.

- Identify and use the relevant information.

- Provide participants with the required regulatory knowledge in terms of maintenance staff licences and approved training organizations.


Accountable Managers, technical managers, quality managers, technicians and training managers of approved training organizations.


- On-site training

- Documentation provided to the participants.
Aviation Regulation EASA PART 66 et 147


EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency):
- Regulation EC N° 216/2008 (basic regulation)

Brief study of European regulation N° 1321/2014, related to the continuing airworthiness of aircraft and aeronautical products, parts and appliances, and to the approval of the personnel involved in these tasks.

Detailed study of PART 66, Aircraft Maintenance Licence:
- Applicants’ privileges
- Requirements in terms of basic knowledge
- Requirements in terms of basic experience
- Basic training programme
- Practical and type training programme (tasks/Ratings)
- Examination programme
- Conditions for the issuance and continued validity of an aircraft maintenance licence

Detailed study of PART 147, approved training and examination organizations:
- Requirements in terms of facilities
- Requirements in terms of personnel
- Instructional equipment
- Quality system
- Examination standards
- Supervision of approved organizations

Knowledge assessment
As an option and on request: EASA E.examination (PART 66 and 147 E.exams).

All regulatory documents are up-to-date with the latest issue in force


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