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Aviation Regulation EMAR / FRA M/145

Military and State maintenance regulation


- Understand the objectives of the EMAR/FRA M/145, and the way it contributes to the continuing airworthiness of military and State aircraft and get familiar with the principles ruling the use and authoring of regulatory airworthiness documents. This training provides the participants with a culture of State aviation regulation.


Accountable Managers, technical managers, certifying staff, technicians, supervisors. Individuals who wish to develop their basic knowledge in terms of aviation regulation, and the principles ruling application of military and State regulations in terms of aviation maintenance.


- On-site training
- Documentation provided to the participants
- For E-learning/Blended, consult our corporate training policy.
Aviation regulation EMAR / FRA M/145


Definition of Safety and Airworthiness
State and Military regulatory environment in France and in Europe:

- French Decree N° 1551 from December 7th, 2006

Functions of the regulatory Authorities:
- Functions of the Technical and Operational Authorities, DGA, DSAÉ, and the specific part played by the Quality Assurance of the approved organization.

Principle ruling the certification of military and State aircraft

Brief study of EMAR/FRA 21 and related Subparts
- Layout of the regulatory document
- Study of relevant Subparts

Brief study of Inter-ministerial Instruction related to continuing airworthiness (EMAR/FRA M, 145, 66 and 147)

EMAR/FRA M and related Subparts:

- Scope of application, Continuing Airworthiness, Maintenance standards, Components, Management and Certification of airworthiness

Detailed study of EMAR/FRA 145: Approved organization requirements
- Facilities, Human resources, Certifying staff, Maintenance data, Tools, Processes, Occurrence reporting…
- Safety policy and Quality system
- Privileges of the maintenance organization
- Supervision by the Authorities

Study of the MOE

CRS (Certificate of Release to Service) and support documents:

- Privileges & Responsibilities
- Support documents (EMAR/FRA Form 1 & similar documents)

- EDA: European Defence Agency
- EMARs: European Military Airworthiness Requirements

Knowledge assessment
All regulatory documents are up-to-date with the latest issue in force.


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Duration Face to Face: 7 h       Rates VAT Excl.: 440 €