Formateur Instructeur Interne

Internal Quality Auditor

PART 21 - M - 145 - 147- AIR OPS Approved Organizations


- Earn how to develop and implement an internal quality audit within a PART 21, M, 145, 147 or AIR OPS organization while complying with basic Quality standards (ISO 9001 and EN 9100 standard) and aviation regulatory requirements.

- Participate in the management of risks while boosting performance.


Quality assurance manager and staff who wish to develop and conduct audit programmes.

Personnel who wish to be involved in the Quality process.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of an initial training on Aviation regulation.


- Documentation provided to the participants

- Role-play exercices

- EBT (Evidence Based Training) scenarios

- For E-learning/Blended, consult our corporate policy for trainees.
Auditeur Qualité Interne


Quality related concepts :
- What is quality about?
- What is standardization about?
- What is a standard about?
- Certification and accreditation
- Quality management
- ISO and EN standards

Quality audits :
- Objectives
- Categories and types of audits
- Fundamental principles

Audit process :
- Planning
- Preparation
- Interviews
- Audit report
- Implementing and tracking corrective actions

Auditor’s scope of competence :
- Behaviors
- Precautions

Practical exercices :
- From the audit preparation to the final report
- Analysis and feedback on the participants’ behaviors

All regulatory documents are up-to-date with the latest issue in force.


versions : français Blended

Duration Blended Initial: 21 h*             Rate VAT Excl. : 1140 €

Duration Blended Recurrent : 14 h*        Rate VAT Excl. : 540 €

* including 1 day in E-learning