Mécaniciens Avions

PT6A Series - Pratt & Whitney Small / Medium / Large

Theoretical training - T1

Licence 66 – Type Rating


- Be able to conduct maintenance, repair and troubleshooting operations on Pratt & Whitney PT6A Series engines (Large, Medium and Small Engines).

- Enable participants to exercise their skills and duties (as Certifying staff) within the scope of a PART 145 or PART M/F approval in Europe and its member States.


Personnel who need to be granted a European EASA PART 66 Licence for issuance of CRS on Pratt & Whitney PT6A Series engines.

Qualified mechanics (PART 145 or PART M/F) who need to extend their knowledge of the subject.

Former military mechanics who move to a civilian professional activity.


- Training course compliant with Levels I, II and III (ATA 104 Specification)

- On-site simulator practice

- Description of representative aircraft parts and equipment

- Electronic and/or paper documentation provided to the participants

PT6A Series Pratt & Whitney small / Medium / Large


Training         EASA

- ATA 70/80: Engine

- ATA 71: Power plant

- ATA 72: Air inlet – Compressor – Combustion chamber - Turbine

- ATA 73: Engine – Fuel and Control

- ATA 74: Ignition

- ATA 75: Bleed air

- ATA 76: Engine controls

- ATA 77: Engine indicating

- ATA 79: Oil

- ATA 80: Starting

- Examination

Compliant with Regulation EU 1321/2014, Annex III, Appendix III, latest issue.


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Duration (H)*: 32   Rate VAT Excl.: 2980 €
* Duration without theoretical exam and practical assessment.