Internal Instructor – Trainer

Internal Instructor – Trainer

Instructional training


Be able to:
- Structure the content of a training, and design instructional supports and tools.
- Animate and energize a training group.
- Assess the progress of trainees, and validate their skills.


Personnel holding a sufficient work experience (3 years recommended), and managing the instructional subject.


The totality of our on-site training is, above all, operational and as close as possible to real conditions of every day operations. AIR FORMATION concentrates its pedagogical means in this direction, putting into practice all subjects in the form of Evidence Base Training (EBT).
Formateur Instructeur


- The Instructor/Trainer

- Adult trainees

- Environment

- Instructional tools

- Training methods and techniques:

    . How to start a training session
    . Training objectives
    . Training plan
    . Techniques and processes to animate a course

- Knowledge assessment using the coaching method

- Practical exercise based on the dissemination of a training, and assessment of the student-instructor

Each trainee must produce a copy of his teaching plan and present a module of his choice to the other trainees.

Performance will be evaluated according to the E-learning pedagogical “Internal Instructor – Trainer” course followed and documented on an assessment form.


Version: fr en blended

Duration: 21 h in Initial training and 14 h in Recurrent training

Rates VAT Excl.: 1140 € Initial training and 540 € in Recurrent training