CRM Instrutor Course & CRM Trainer Assessment CRM Instrutor Course & CRM Trainer Assessment CRM Instrutor Course & CRM Trainer Assessment

CRM Instructor Course & CRM Trainer Assessment

Crew Training Course - Cockpit & Cabin


- To be able to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and credibility required to train the CRM training element in the non operational environment, as specified in Table 1 of AMC1.ORO.FC.115 and/or AMC1.ORO.CC.115

- To develop specific trainer skills, particularly the integration of CRM into day to day operations.


CRM trainers to become must have the prerequisites defined in the AMC3 ORO.FC.115 and/or AMC3 ORO.CC. 115.


On site or Blended

The totality of our on-site training is above all operational and in complete adequacy with the real conditions of crew daily operation. AIR FORMATION concentrates its pedagogical means in this direction, putting into practice all subjects in the form of Evidence Based Training (EBT).

Formateur CRM & Evaluation Formateur CRM Formation équipages. Cockpit & Cabine


Crew Resource Management: 18 hours training with a minimum of 12 hours in class. Consult the «Crew Resource Management» programme.

INSTRUCTOR: 21h (including 7 hours through E-learning) Consult the “Internal Instructor – Trainer” training programme;

Presentation of a CRM module either simulated or in front of a real training CRM session. The checklist in Table 1 provides guidance on the assessment of a crew CRM trainer. If a CRM trainer is competent in his/her role, the response to the questions in Table 1 should be ‘yes’. When answering the questions in Table 1, justifications and examples related to the responses given should be provided.

CRM Flight Crew: Day 1 et 2

CRM Cabin Crew
: Day 1 et 2

: Day 3 et 4

: Option

Le CRM trainer assessment checklist

Did the CRM trainer demonstrate the knowledge required for the role?
Did the CRM trainer support CRM concepts?
Did the CRM trainer encourage trainees to participate, share their experiences and self analyse?
Did the CRM trainer identify and respond to the trainees’ needs relative to Expertise/experience?
Did the CRM trainer show how CRM is integrated in technical training?
Did the CRM trainer incorporate company CRM standards when appropriate?
Did the CRM trainer identify and discuss the non-technical reasons involved in accidents, incidents and events included in case studies?
Did the CRM trainer regularly check for understanding and resolve ambiguities?
Did the CRM trainer demonstrate effective instruction and facilitation skills?

Additional: Trainer assessment in real situation. In front of real class : + Minimum 2 hours (As per Operator Mannex)

Option: Training kit on touchpad which includes the lesson plan, one E-learning access, and course support: EBT tests, videos, trainee booklet...


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Duration: 39 h          Rates VAT Excl.: 4190 €