Formateur Législation Aéronautique

Assessor / Practical Instructor

Type Training / On-the-job Training

Compliant Part M /145 /147


Be able to:
- Understand the objectives and principles related to a practical assessment
- Get familiar with the different assessment methods
- Prepare an assessment: methodology, criteria and supports
- Assimilate the different steps included in an assessment
- Evaluate and mark
- Validate the acquisition of skills
- Write post-assessment reports


Personnel who will be in charge of the assessment of applicants following completion of the practical part of a basic training, type training and/or on-the-job training in compliance with Part 66.

Prerequisite: Compliant to R 52-02 Version C § 9 et 10


- Study-cases based on real-life work experiences and reports
- Practical assessment exercises
- Combination of interactive presentations from different companies
- EBT (Evidence Based training) scenarios
- For E-learning/Blended, consult our corporate training policy
Evaluateur Contrôleur Pratique


Approuved by OSAC
- Flight safety
- Responsibilities of the different actors
- Definition of the conditions ruling a practical assessment in the MOE
- Objectives and principles related to a practical assessment
- The different assessment methods
- The required code of ethics
- Duties and Privileges of the assessor
- The different instructional / animation methods
- Communication / Questioning / Practical training exercises *
- The different assessment methods from the analysis of the training booklet, the interview with the supervisor, the oral and written questions up to the conduct of maintenance tasks under the supervision of the practical assessor
- Preparation of an assessment : selection of relevant methods, implementation of pre-established criteria
- Conduct of the assessment
- Situational assessment of the “trainee”- assessor
- Behaviors to adopt in case of difficulties
- Filling Instructions for logbooks and reports
- Writing rules for log cards (creation of the log-book)
- Filling Instructions for post-assessment reports and records

Option: Validation of your nomination as an Assessor/Practical Instructor in compliance with EASA Parts 145 & 147 regulations: Support and Evaluation of the assessor/practical instructor during his/her first practical assessment.

Training Objectives and Programme compliant with the requirements listed in DGAC/DSAC Fascicle R 52-02, Version C.


version: français Anglais blended

Duration: 21 h

Rate VAT Excl.: 1090 €