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Survival & Water Survival in Real Environment


- To familiarise with principles of survival in hostile environments (e.g. polar, desert, jungle, sea)

- To practice water survival in real environnent conditions

Training course compliant with EASA requirements specified in Annex V, Part CC to Regulation (EU) N°290/2012


Face to face or Blended or Elearning

The totality of our on-site training is above all operational and in complete adequacy with the real conditions of crew daily operation. AIR FORMATION concentrates its pedagogical means in this direction, putting into practice all subjects in the form of Evidence Based Training (EBT)

- Protective equipment provided when water under 20°C

- Availability of relevant personal to ensure complete safety

 Formation Survie & Survie Maritime en Environnement Réel

Formation Survie & Survie Maritime en Environnement Réel


From April to October (3.5h)

- Use of a life raft (12 pax) in real condition (On lake)

- Use of real life jackets

- Survival exercices in water

- Actual handling and shooting of pyrotechnics (various flares)

- Basic principles of Survival on ground

From November to March (2h)

- Use of a life raft (6 pax) in a pool

- Use of real life jackets

- Survival exercices in water


versions: français Anglais Blended Elearning

Duration Face to Face: 3.5 h         Rates VAT Excl.: 440 €
Duration Blended: 7 h                   Rates VAT Excl.: 340 € (pool) 440 € (lake)
Duration Elearning: 3.5 h             Rates VAT Excl.: 98 €

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