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Crew Resource Management
Flight crew


To enhance the communication and management skills of the flight crew member concerned. Emphasis is placed on the non-technical knowledge, skills and attitudes of flight crew performance as mentionned in GM1 ORO.FC.115


Face to face or Blended or Elearning

The totality of our on-site training is above all operational and in complete adequacy with the real conditions of crew daily operation. AIR FORMATION concentrates its pedagogical means in this direction, putting into practice all subjects in the form of Evidence Based Training (EBT)


Training course compliant with EASA requirements specified in Annex III, Part-ORO.FC to Regulation (EU) N°965/2012, AMC1.ORO.FC.115 & 215 and AMC2.ORO.FC.115.

Crew Resource Management (PERSONNEL DE CONDUITE)


Flight crew CRM training

- Human factors in aviation

- General instructions on CRM principles and objectives

- Human performance and limitations

- Threat and error management

- Personality awareness, human error and reliability, attitudes and behaviour, self assessment and self critique

- Stress and stress management

- Fatigue and vigilance

- Assertiveness, situation awareness, information acquisition and processing

- Automation and philosophy on the use of automation

- Specific type-related differences

- Monitoring and intervention

- Shared situation awareness, shared information acquisition and processing

- Work management

- Effective communication and coordination inside and outside the flight crew compartment

- Leadership, cooperation, synergy, delegation, decision making, actions

- Resilience development

- Surprise and startle effects

- Culture differences

- Effective communication and coordination with other operational personnel and ground service

- Introduction to SMS (Safety Management System)

- Cases studies

For Single Pilot Operations (SPO) Flight Crew, programme can be adapted to 6 hours on demand. Please contact us.


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Duration Face to Face: 18 h       Rates VAT Excl.: 1100 €

Duration Blended: 18* h        Rates VAT Excl.: 850 €

*: 18 h for multi-pilot operations