Crew Resource management

Ab-Initio (Initial Training)


- To familiarize trainees with the aircraft environment

- To acquire sufficient general knowledge and basic proficiency required to perform their duties.

- To undertake the responsibilities related to the safety of passengers and the aircraft during normal operations, abnormal incidents and emergency procedures.


Face to face or Blended

The totality of our on-site training is above all operational and in complete adequacy with the real conditions of crew daily operation. AIR FORMATION concentrates its pedagogical means in this direction, putting into practice all subjects in the form of Evidence Based Training (EBT)


Training program in accordance with: Air Ops 965/2012 - ORO.CC.120 & 290/2012 – CC.TRA.220
Water Survival

MANDATORY (110h Theory + Practice)

- General theoretical knowledge of aviation and aviation regulations
- Duties and responsibilities of cabin crew
- Communication
- Introductory course on Human Factors (HF) and Crew Resource Management (CRM)
- Passenger handling and cabin surveillance
- Aero-medical aspects and first aid
- Dangerous Goods *
- Security
- Fire and smoke training
- Survival
- Electrical Wiring Interconnection System (EWIS)
- Aircraft surface contamination
- Familiarisation with the cockpit environment (Radio, communication, Oxygen masks…)
- Final Practical assessment

Optional (15h)
- Grooming
- Self-Defence
- Service on board

Self Defense

First Aid

POSSIBLE EXAMPLE OF BLENDED SCHEDULE (blended training based on 6 to 8 trainees)

Day 1

Review of Elearning modules

SEP Modules

- Walkaround
- Basic Aeronautics
- Air-Ops Regulation
- Normal flight
- Safety equipmen
- Decompression/turbulences
- Fire and smoke

- Emergency procedures
- Survival
- Security
- EWIS group 8
- Aircraft contamination
- Dangerous Good*

*In partnership with Butterfly training

CRM Module

As per program (EU) N°965/2012 - AMC1. ORO.CC.115&215


As per program (EU) N°290/2012 Annex V, Part CC (Appendix 1)

Day 2

Evidence Based Training (EBT) on Emergency procedures & CRM ( part 1)

Day 3

Evidence Based Training (EBT) on Emergency procedures & CRM ( part 2)
Evidence Based Training (EBT) on Security & Dangerous Goods

Day 4

Evidence Based Training (EBT) on Survival
Evidence Based Training (EBT) on First aid


Blended Mandatory: 110 h (82 h + 28 h)

Blended Mandatory + Optional: 125 h

Face to face: On request

Fire fighting


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Duration Blended without option: 110 h          Rates VAT Excl.: 1990 €

Duration Blended with option: 125 h         Rates VAT Excl.: 115 €